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Cara Williams joined the ISN team in early 2016 as a Background Screening Analyst, and later trained to become a Fingerprinting Analyst. During her time in these roles, she verified the legitimacy of documents, performed criminal background check requests, and created professional employment reference reports. Additionally, Cara also created a position paper addressing the concerns surrounding current immigration detention practices in Canada, the need for a new alternative, and how ISN’s progressive In-Home Detention program can be that alternative.


After mastering her two roles, Cara was hired as the Operations Assistant, a role that she still currently holds. Predominantly dealing with insurance and surveillance investigation files, Cara is the direct, first point of contact for all client needs. Cara sets up all incoming requests and the supplementary documentation needed, including detailed social network reports and open source intelligence.

Cara has a strong university background and possesses her Bachelor of Arts, with a major in Psychology and minor in Sociology. Cara started to pursue her Graduate Certificate in Additions and Mental Health, however she began to realize that she wanted to pursue a rewarding career that was more focused in her original interest – the criminal justice sector – which inevitably led her to a career with ISN.

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