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James Smith joined the ISN team in early 2013 as a Senior Investigator specializing in Financial Crimes. Using his past policing experience, James is able to assist private agencies with criminal fraud investigations.


James served an exemplary 35-year policing career with the Durham Regional Police Service, consisting of a wide array of investigations covering areas such as Major Crime, Fraud and Robbery. James attributes his early interviewing skills to the original Avinoam Sapir Laboratory for Scientific Interrogation and statement analysis course.

James was part of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit where he investigated more complex organized crime. Soon after, James became the Durham Regional Police Services liaison officer to the OPP Project “P” Unit where he assisted investigations into child exploitation and human trafficking.

James is formally trained in numerous complex fraud schemes where his keen investigative skills awarded him the recipient of ASIS awards in both fraud and robbery. James is also trained in Executive Protection Services and has developed world wide contacts while conducting numerous details for private entities.

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