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Ron Wretham is the Chief Operating Officer of Investigative Solutions Network Inc. He joined ISN in 2007 after an exemplary career with the Toronto Police Service. During his policing career, Ron gained investigative experience working in the Criminal Investigation Bureau and honed his leadership abilities as a Platoon Commander. He also had a key role in the planning and successful execution of several major international events in the City of Toronto. During his 32-year policing career, Ron exemplified the core values of honesty, integrity, fairness and respect in his personal and professional life and he continues to demonstrate those tenets in his current role with ISN where he is a proven leader and fiscal manager.

Combining a natural aptitude for fiscal responsibility and corporate leadership, Ron manages the financial and administrative division of ISN. His ability to develop effective policies and manage the company’s resources has helped to position ISN as a leader in the private security industry. Throughout his tenure at ISN, Ron has worked to develop and uphold the company’s mission and vision. As an experienced investigator, he has conducted numerous investigations for ISN’s private and corporate clients. Ron has the ability to cultivate and maintain long-term collaborative relationships with key stakeholders and direct the implementation of long and short-term goals. He continually works to ensure that ISN’s business practices exceeds recognized industry best practices. His proven strengths in strategic planning, goal setting, and organizational development are integral to ISN’s continued success and growth.

Most recently, Ron directed his focus to the growth of the company through client management and corporate acquisitions. As ISN continues to grow, Ron’s unique ability to provide exemplary service to clients, provide leadership to ISN staff and manage growth while being fiscally responsible is integral to ISN’s continued success.

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