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  • Financial Crime

  • Fraud & Money Laundering

  • Asset Tracing


Toronto, ON

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Greg Gard

Principal Investigator and Business Development Consultant

Greg Gard joined ISN in 2017 as a Principal Investigator after 35 years of combined law enforcement service with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Ontario Securities Commission. Greg has over 25 years’ experience in the financial crime area successfully investigating serious fraud and money laundering cases which spanned the globe.

Since joining Investigative Solutions Network Inc., Greg has led successful investigations on behalf of clients in large commercial thefts, complicated fraud and asset tracing cases, international price-fixing schemes and crypto-currency schemes. These investigations have resulted in criminal charges, jail sentences and successful litigation efforts.

Greg retired from the RCMP after 26 years as an Inspector in the Toronto Financial Crime program where he conducted/led investigations which resulted in arrests across Canada for various white-collar crime offences including capital market fraud offences, fraudulent telemarketing activity, fraudulent organized crime market manipulation, frauds against government agencies, accounting frauds, counterfeit currency/credit cards and proceeds of crime offences.

At the OSC, Greg led and directed the Joint Serious Offences Team (lawyers, accountants, investigators, police officers and support staff) to successfully investigate and prosecute serious securities related offences (fraud, insider trading, market manipulation, unregistered trading) via the Criminal Code of Canada and/or the Ontario Securities Act.

As well, Greg managed the OSC Joint Securities Intelligence Unit to successfully gather information and intelligence on illegal stock market activities and proactively disseminate this intelligence to the appropriate enforcement agency for timely intervention.

Greg has a university background in economics/commerce and has completed extensive police training in leadership, major case management, witness/suspect interviews, physical surveillance, search/seizure management, wiretaps, undercover operations and various white collar crime training initiatives.

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