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Areas of Expertise
  • Behavioural Analysis

  • Threat Risk Assessments

  • Crime Scene Analysis


Vancouver, BC

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Jim Van Allen

Certified Criminal Profiler and Threat Assessment Specialist

Jim Van Allen is a certified criminal profiler, and Threat and Risk Assessment Consultant.  Jim currently resides in British Columbia and assists ISN clients as part of a nation-wide network of experienced investigators and specialists.

Jim has considerable investigative and behavioural analysis experience, in crime scene analysis, anonymous offender profiling, interview preparation and support, statement validity analysis, and threat and risk assessment, and risk management investigations.  Jim retired from the Ontario Provincial Police, Investigation Support, Behavioural Sciences Section, Criminal Profiling Unit in 2010, and continues to provide services of a behavioural nature to private sector clients.

Jim assists the ISN Team with cold or historic case reviews, and a wide range of menacing incidents including threatening, cyber-threatening and harassment, stalking or other persistent, fixated, or predatory conduct, workplace violence, domestic violence, and extortion cases involving a client’s staff, family, or prominent individuals.

Jim is a graduate of the FBI National Academy Program in Quantico, Virginia and has lectured extensively in the Ontario Police Training System, and at Colleges and University degree programs, and professional symposiums, conferences, and workshops internationally.

Jim has provided training to federal police agencies in The Netherlands, Belgium, and South Africa.  Jim has testified as an expert in most levels of the Ontario Court of Justice regarding behavioural analysis.  Jim and the ISN Team help clients take back control of problematic or worrisome situations.

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