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Multi-Agency Border Investigations

Smuggling of Narcotics/Weapons/Humans

Excise Regulation


ON, Canada

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Robert Bell


Robert Bell serves as an Investigator with ISN Nova Scotia.  He has significant experience managing an investigating high-level, multi-agency border investigations involving the smuggling of narcotics, weapons and humans - as well as working on high-profile terrorism cases.

His expertise, primarily with CBSA, ranged from cases within the Atlantic region, to various countries throughout the world, and involved all modes of transportation, i.e., air (private / public), land border, marine, and shipping containers.

Another one of Robert’s expertise is in the field of Excise, where he specializes in contraband and counterfeit tobacco, cannabis and alcohol.   He is a certified Surveillance instructor/operator.  With ISN, Robert assists in the development of business throughout Nova Scotia.