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OSINT (Open-Source-Intelligence) Investigations

OSINT (Open-Source-Intelligence) Investigations

Welcome to Investigative Solutions Network Inc. where we specialize in leveraging the power of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) to uncover critical information for our clients. OSINT is a game-changing approach that allows us to gather valuable insights from publicly available data. Let's delve into the details:

What is OSINT?

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) refers to intelligence produced from publicly available information. It involves collecting, exploiting, and disseminating data in a timely manner to address specific intelligence requirements. OSINT is widely used in national security, law enforcement, and business intelligence functions. Here's why it matters:

·        Cost-Effective: Publicly viewable information costs significantly less to obtain compared to other sources.

·        Comprehensive Insights: OSINT provides definitive and actionable evidence by combining automated tools with manual searches.

·        Ethical Approach: We respect privacy laws and operate within legal boundaries.

Whether you're hiring a director, executive, or an employee trusted with company assets (Due Diligence Check), need to determine if an entity has any assets before initiating a lawsuit against said entity (Asset Search), or require litigation support, ISN's certified team of Intelligence Analysts provide the following services:

  • Locate defendants or witnesses

  • Establish an identities online footprint

  • Determine Property Ownership

  • Establish Financial history / locate hidden assets

  • Identify corporate relationships / affiliations

  • Search for prior litigation against an entity

  • Investigate an entity's background regarding regulatory authorities

  • Determine locations of websites and internet users

  • Provide research to assist in strategy development

Sources of OSINT

Our investigators tap into various sources to build a comprehensive picture:

1.     Media: News articles, blogs and online publications provide real-time information.

2.     Pubic Government Data: Accessing government databases, official reports, and public records.

3.     Professional and Academic Publications: Research papers, journals and scholarly articles.

4.     Commercial Data: Business directories, financial reports, and market research.

5.     Grey Literature: Unpublished reports, conference proceedings, and industry-specific documents.

OSINT  Collection Methodologies

Our skilled researchers employ several techniques to extract relevant information:

Social Media Intelligence (SMI):

·        Analyzing online profiles, posts, and connections.

·       Uncovering hidden patterns and relationships.

Search Engine Data Mining and Scraping:

·       Extracting data from search engines and websites.

·       Tracking digital footprints.

Public Records Check:

·       Verifying identities, tracking financial transactions, and uncovering legal histories.

·       Accessing court documents, property records, and more.

Information Matching and Verification from Data Brokers:

·       Cross-referencing data from multiple sources.

·       Ensuring accuracy and reliability.

How OSINT Benefits Investigators

Our OSINT expertise enables us to perform a wide range of tasks:

New Employee Background Screening:

·        Validating credentials, employment history, and character references.

·        Identifying potential risks.

Event Monitoring:

·        Tracking event attendees, organizers, and related activities.

·        Assessing security threats.

Individual, Group, Thing, and Place Profiling:

·        Uncovering lifestyle patterns, affiliations, and interests.

·        Verifying alibies and identifying inconsistencies.

Let us get you the Full Picture

By piecing together OSINT data, we provide our clients with a holistic view of their subjects. Whether it's an individual, a group, a thing, or a place, our investigations reveal crucial details. From lifestyle analysis to alibi verification, we empower our clients with actionable insights.

Remember, OSINT is a powerful tool, but ethical use is paramount. Our commitment to privacy and accuracy ensures that our clients receive reliable information. Contact us today for discreet and effective investigative services!



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