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A corporate Security Plan Gap Analysis provides a comparison of your current security program versus overall best security practices. This allows us to shed light on areas where vulnerabilities and risks are lurking. Our goal is to help our clients protect their assets and reduce risk in the event of an emergency. This makes them become more resilient when faced with internal or external threats and helps speed business recovery cycles. The impact of business interruptions can differ dramatically depending on your type of operation, priorities and customer/employee needs. Therefore, an effective Security Plan Gap Analysis must take into account potential risks to assets, property and personnel and identify strategies for risk mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery. ISN’s risk management experts have extensive national and international experience in conducting these evaluations and can specifically tailor a plan for your organization.

The ISN gap analysis process involves determining and documenting the variance between the requirements set forth in legislation, guidelines and/or best practice standards and our client’s current security program. This includes, but is not limited to;

  • Audit of existing security programs and systems

  • Audit of procedures and protocols

  • Exterior intrusion analysis

Once the gaps are identified a Security Improvement Plan can be developed that provides a foundation for setting priorities, assigning ownership, allocating investments of time, money and human resources and for measuring and improving compliance with the guidelines. Whether it’s camera/alarm systems, improved security protocols or access control, the ISN team will work with you from recommendation to implementation to ensure your individual security needs are met.

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