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Our elite team of premiere investigators have hundreds of years of combined experience encompassing exemplary policing careers, senior corporate security executives and business leaders. They are specifically recruited based on demonstrated investigative abilities, consistent professionalism, and a history of personal and professional success. ISN specializes in corporate, financial, and insurance investigations for a number of Fortune 500 companies including major banks, investment firms, local, national, and multinational corporations, as well as a number of prominent clients within the energy sector.

We pride ourselves on professionalism and our standards of excellence. We offer quality, confidential private investigation services in Ontario, Canada, and internationally – providing our clients with ongoing support throughout the entire process.

Whether it’s a corporate, criminal, civil, insurance, due diligence or personal matter, ISN’s investigators are subject matter experts who consistently exceed our client’s expectations.

For more information about our private investigation services, please contact us today.

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