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The ISN team of criminal investigators has the experience and expertise to thoroughly investigate the facts and then find and present the truth in all types of criminal investigations. Drawing from years of law enforcement experience, the ISN investigative team works diligently for our clients combining professionalism and integrity with skill and knowledge.

We have earned the respect and trust of many top law firms who regularly engage our criminal investigation team on behalf of their clients. While police agencies are committed to investigating criminal offences, many individuals choose to launch their own investigation with the assistance of our expert team. Our criminal investigators are also skilled at conducting case reviews and examining ‘cold cases’. With a dedication to uncover the truth using investigative techniques and interview skills honed from years in law enforcement, The ISN team offers our clients thorough, discreet service and superior results.

We specialize in all types of criminal investigations including:

  • Fraud Investigations

  • Sex crimes investigations

  • Homicide investigations

  • Theft investigations

  • Criminal defense investigations

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