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ISN is uniquely qualified to conduct civil investigations for our clients. Our diverse group of subject matter experts with decades of criminal and civil investigative experience enable us to provide our clients with in-depth reviews and expert opinions on a variety of civil investigation & litigation issues. Our clients regularly engage us to conduct civil investigations in areas such as insurance and personal injury, worker’s compensation claims, missing person investigations, child custody and abuse as well as marital / divorce cases. We are regularly called upon to provide witness and expert testimony in civil litigation proceedings.

ISN’s investigative team members are often engaged by top law firms to provide their investigative expertise in many areas including:

  • Litigation support

  • Witness locates

  • Statement gathering

  • Surveillance

  • Case review

  • Financial / Asset Investigation

We conduct in-depth investigations for our clients, maintaining the highest standards of discretion and ethical practices and provide detailed written reports including recommendations for follow up activities.

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