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In North America alone, fraudulent claims cost insurance companies and policy holders billions of dollars annually. To assist our clients within the insurance industry, ISN is regularly engaged to investigate all aspects of insurance fraud. To fulfill the expectations of our clients, ISN deploys a highly-trained team of insurance investigators in Ontario with a level of experience and expertise unparalleled in the private investigation industry. ISN’s investigation team has extensive experience in opportunistic and premeditated insurance fraud and health/benefits fraud cases.

Some of ISN’s key competencies include:

  • The deployment of specialized insurance fraud investigators with a unique blend of skill sets including investigative techniques, document analysis and advanced interviewing skills.

  • The ability to leverage law enforcement resources as needed

  • The use of strong data analytics

  • The practice of intelligence led surveillance


ISN provides both national and international coverage in the following areas of insurance investigations:

  • Life and Health Investigations

  • Accident Benefits Investigations

  • Property Claim Investigations

  • Premeditated and Opportunistic Insurance Fraud


For more information about our insurance investigation services, please contact our insurance investigators today.

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