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In today’s global corporate environment, enterprise privacy and protection of intellectual property continues to be a significant priority and challenge. To assist organizations in protecting this critical information, ISN provide our clients with the expertise to electronically secure sensitive areas in their corporate offices or operational sites. We work closely with our clients to ensure these areas are free from covert / surreptitious electronic interception equipment.

Our electronic tracking specialists are highly trained and experienced former police officers.  These subject matter experts utilize the most current methodologies and sophisticated equipment to ensure the areas identified are free from unauthorized monitoring or listening devices.

  • Our technicians help our clients identify high risk versus low risk areas to assist them in making informed risk based decisions with respect to electronic security sweeps.

  • We conduct floor by floor, office by office counter-surveillance sweeps.

  • When necessary, we will examine all computers and phones for possible unauthorized listening or tracking devices.

  • At the conclusion of the sweeps, a timely and comprehensive report and gap analysis is prepared and presented to our clients. We will then work with them to provide mitigation measures to minimize the likelihood of future vulnerabilities.

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