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One thing that often creates significant risk for employers is their failure to conduct proper workplace investigations. Often the issue is not that the employer has neglected to conduct an investigation at all, rather it is simply that the investigation was flawed, inadequate or biased.

Workplace investigations are mandatory, where the employer has a statutory obligation to conduct a full and transparent investigation. They must provide the complainants with a formal report detailing how the investigation was conducted and what the outcome was. These include but are not limited to: cases of alleged sexual harassment, theft, workplace violence, fraud or other types of dishonesty or violations of the company’s code of conduct. However, many organizations fail to conduct investigations properly when faced with these difficult situations.

Workplace investigations are complex, sensitive and extremely confidential matters requiring unique skills to ensure they are brought to a successful conclusion and in accordance with local laws. ISN investigators are experienced in all areas of workplace investigations such as investigative processes, interviewing, documentation and evidence gathering and when required, court or tribunal testimony.

All ISN investigators have extensive experience as former, senior law enforcement officers and senior corporate security executives. These combined skills ensure that our clients are provided with outstanding investigators who produce excellent results.

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