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Looking for a private investigative agency to provide solutions to matters that have financial and personal impact on you or your business? Investigative services are far more sophisticated than the old movie portrayals of Private Investigators analyzing documents, collecting photographs, and undertaking interviews. Technology and communication have come a long way, and ISN leverages all the latest tools and techniques to ensure you are satisfied with the results we deliver.

ISN: Where Experience Meets Service Excellence

Alignment with your needs is key. We understand that while some scenarios may have common themes, each problem is unique because the people involved have their own stories, set of values and circumstances that need to be effectively managed. That’s why ISN operates with an experienced set of experts across industries so we can match the problem with the team that is most knowledgeable and has the experience to resolve the issue.

The ISN Team Delivers Results

We are a highly experienced and diversified investigations and security firm providing a broad spectrum of services globally. Our team consists of highly competent subject matter experts with extensive investigative backgrounds and a commitment to exceptional service outcomes.    

Expertise and Bench Strength

Our subject matter experts are drawn from diverse backgrounds led by an accomplished executive team who have earned their stripes as leaders in business, finance, policing, investigative specialty, and corporate security. Our specialized team delivers service expertise on a wide range of areas relating to investigations including:

  • Corporate Investigations

  • Criminal Investigations

  • Civil Investigations

  • Insurance Investigations

  • Financial Crimes Investigations

  • Workplace Investigations

  • Open-Source Intelligence Investigations

  • Electronic Security Sweeps

ISN Benefits

We leverage the best people, the best methods and achieve the best results. We pride ourselves on analytical thinking, a standard of excellence and providing innovative solutions. Some of our other benefits we provide include:


Free Consultation

We want to hear from you so you can assess our fit for your investigative and security needs. We are confident we can help you.


24/7 Communications Centre

Communication and support are critical elements in our service delivery. We understand your need for information and have a 24/7 Communications Centre should you need to discuss your case or provide additional information.


Access to the Latest Technology

Technology has impacted investigative solutions positively through enhanced communication networks, improved data access, innovative software, and more advanced equipment.


Ability to Manage Any Size of Contract

With our extensive resource network and range of expertise, we have the resource capacity to manage any size of contract.


Ability to Provide Services Internationally

Our investigative network crosses borders and continents. We leverage our network to extend our abilities anywhere.

north america.jpg

7 Offices in North America

Our home base is North America. While we have a global capacity, our local network provides more responsiveness and boots on the ground action to resolve your concerns more immediately.

"ISN has provided my law firm with a broad range of investigative services for well more than a decade. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s even closer to 20 years. What I can say with certainty is that they have been my primary (and effectively sole) supplier of investigative services since their inception. The overall quality of their work is 1000% excellent. There was absolutely zero that I can say of a negative nature. If I had any hesitation at all about the quality of ISN‘s work, they would not be working for my law firm. Our reputation is so important in the legal arena that I could not possibly afford to have anything short of the best working for us. There is a total consistency of top-quality work. Not only would I engage them again, but I continue to do so on numerous occasions throughout any given business year."

– Brian Heller, Lawyer, Heller, Rubel


Book a Free Consultation

Get in touch by filling out the form, and we’ll get back to you within 2 business days.

ISN – Keeping Your Needs Top of Mind

Established in 2006, ISN leads with our specialized team of experts, a wide range of services, and our extensive network to deliver unparalleled benefits when it comes to investigative and security solutions. Our commitment to our clients is the key to our success and we are proud to have delivered exceptional service outcomes.

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