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Jennifer Cuzmici joined ISN in 2012 as a security guard, monitoring one of the company’s first immigration surveillance files. While working at the Communication Centre, Jennifer gained extensive knowledge of the Background Screening division where she became a Screening Analyst in 2013.


After some time working as a Screening Analyst, Jennifer was promoted to Human Resources Administrator. She now provides HR assistance to all ISN locations and their employees. In her role, Jennifer implements and enforces human resources strategies, including policies, programs, and procedures to address the organization’s human resources requirements while continuing to identify, develop, and implement key human resources metrics. Jennifer also assists with recruitment and selection, interviewing, hiring, and training, while managing personnel records. Jennifer welcomes new employees by providing employment packages, reviewing company policies and assisting them with their transition into the office.

To expand her knowledge of the human resource industry, Jennifer has attended and successfully completed various Human Resources certification workshops including; Employment Standards, Human Rights in the Workplace, Social Media in the Workplace, and Ministry of Labour Inspector Visit workshop. Jennifer is currently obtaining her diploma in Business Administration, majoring in Human Resources at Durham College and looks forward to expanding her knowledge and her future endeavors at ISN.

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