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Kimberly Perry has been with ISN since 2009 and has worked in a number of roles helping to grow and develop different aspects of the company. She is currently the Director of Operations responsible for the planning, coordination and execution of investigations, risk management, screening, and training projects.


Kim brings to ISN invaluable managerial experienc

e working with multinational companies and clients. She is highly focused on delivering quality product to clients with a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of strategy implementation to achieve the best results. She has a consistent track record of successfully employing best business practices that improve efficiency and reduce operating costs whilst increasing productivity. She ensures that operations run smoothly and according to company policy while planning, directing and coordinating various aspects of the business.

Kimberly has demonstrated success in project launches and end-to-end execution of major investigative initiatives. Her key competencies and skills include project management, quality assurance and maintaining relationships as a client liaison. Her educational background includes a Bachelor of Commerce from Nipissing University specializing in Criminology and Psychology.

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