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Bill McGarry

Director, Cyber Investigations

Bill McGarry, the Director of Cyber Investigations at ISN since February 2024, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the field. With a distinguished 32.5-year career as a police officer with the Toronto Police Service (TPS), Bill has left an indelible mark on the world of law enforcement.

Bill’s trailblazing career journey began as a Graphic Designer before he transitioned into policing. His creative skills remained a constant throughout his career, especially when investigating images and video content. In 2012, Bill made history as the TPS’s Image Analyst during the G20 protests. Tasked with unmasking and identifying Black Bloc protestors through digital imagery, he spearheaded Canada’s largest criminal image investigation solely reliant on this cutting-edge approach.

Bill’s impact extended beyond individual cases. As Detective Sergeant in charge of the Intelligence Services Coordinated Cyber Centre (C3) and the Technological Crimes Unit (TCU), he provided leadership and expertise to a team of over 20 cyber investigators and 10 digital forensic analysts. Their work spanned diverse crime types, from homicides to cyber offenses, including frauds, scams, and data breaches. Bill also conducted internal investigations, ensuring professional standards were upheld.

Bill has been championing Child Protection for the majority of his policing career. Bill’s commitment to protecting vulnerable populations is unwavering. He played a pivotal role in the Ontario Provincial Strategy to Protect Children from Sexual Abuse and Exploitation on the Internet. As Canada’s pioneering Victim Identification Officer, he collaborated with the Ontario Victim Identification Team and the Interpol Specialist Workgroup on Crimes against Children as a principal trainer and investigator. His efforts have led to the identification of over 100 children globally.

Bill’s innovations are legendary. He authored the first-ever Production Order to Passport Canada’s Facial Recognition System for a Child Exploitation investigation—a groundbreaking achievement. He also developed methods to successfully scale and enhance fingerprints seen in online photos to allow them to be entered into AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System). A digital first for law enforcement.

External agencies, including the FBI and CSIS, have sought his expertise in complex image investigations. Officers from around the world have travelled to learn from Bill’s techniques. Bill is also a court recognized expert in the area of Image Analysis.

Bill is also an Educator and Advocate. Bill’s passion extends to education. He has taught at the Canadian Police College and the Ontario Police College, covering topics such as Criminal Investigations, Child Protection, and Cyber Investigations. His investigative excellence earned recognition in the House of Commons, and he was profiled in Julian Sher’s book, “One Child at a Time.” (Random House Publishing) Bill’s insights have graced media outlets, including the Nancy Grace Show on CNN.

Bill McGarry’s remarkable journey exemplifies dedication, innovation, and unwavering commitment to justice. His legacy continues to inspire those in law enforcement and beyond.

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