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  • Innovation

  • Business Development

  • Quality Assurance/Process Improvement


Thunderbay, ON

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Mark Hutchinson


Mark has worked in challenging leadership roles for over 20 years, including time with the Ontario Provincial Police, and as Detective Inspector-Regional Criminal Operations Manager in the Northwest Region, where he retired from in 2021.

Mark graduated from Lakehead University with a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology, and an MBA from Leicester University with specialization in TQM.   These degrees moulded his skillset in improving business efficiency and effectiveness and helped him become a fiscally responsible leader.

After  joining ISN in May of 2021 as a business development consultant and senior investigator, Mark’s focus has been on guiding and supporting organizations in new and innovative ways.  He is currently spearheading several projects that include (but are not limited to) innovations in corporate training, as well as policy and procedure crafting for private, government and NGO’s.

Beginning in February 2022, Mark became the Director of Innovation for this progressive and forward-thinking organization.

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