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A reflection: Celebrating 14 years

Following a distinguished career in law enforcement, I decided to provide my knowledge and expertise about police foundations and criminology to future officers by serving as an Adjunct Professor at a local college. Soon after I began teaching, my work was recognized by my peers and I was asked to serve as a consultant in the private sector by using my skills as a private investigator. In this work, I mastered the art of helping others transition the diverse and unique skills they obtained in policing into the private sector, and I realized the business potential of these efforts.

On November 22, 2006, Investigative Solutions Network (ISN) was established. Since our beginning, ISN has grown from a one-man local firm to North America’s premier private security and investigative services firm with offices across Canada and in the United States. Our growth over the past 14 years is attributed to our commitment of following our core values and staying true to our brand—and our name—in all that we do.

Like any entrepreneur, starting a business came with its own set of challenges. I wanted to attract and retain the best in the business, and to distinguish ISN in our industry by offering a superior level of expertise using the best investigators with backgrounds in law enforcement. To achieve this, we started developing our brand and reputation, which resulted in qualified individuals reaching out to us to join our team. Today, ISN has the top experts in every field of policing—and in any area of investigation our clients require.

Dave Perry ISN CEO
ISN CEO Dave Perry reflects on fourteen years of success

In 14 years, I have personally worked on approximately 1,000 cases, and corporately, ISN has conducted thousands of investigations. While some of these cases were straight forward and easy to manage, I would classify other cases as some of the most complex investigations in my 44-year career. In fact, I remember a case in which ISN was tasked with developing an emergency evacuation plan for 1,600 expatriates from around the globe who were located on an island in the South Pacific. The challenge of this evacuation was certainly measurable, but the cultural experience, the exotic and remote location, and the spectacular serenity and beauty of this place made the task quite enjoyable! I will always remember this island, the people, and the amazing culture I was fortunate enough to experience.

For me, the greatest asset of our business is the people who we work with every day. Our client base, reputation, and the network we have built together is my biggest success! I am proud and grateful to be associated with such an amazing group of professionals. Our team consists of the most competent, passionate, skilled, and professional people in the business who are retired members from senior leadership positions in policing, criminal profilers, financial crime experts, and surveillance experts, to name a few. And, we have the best financial and administrative support team I could ask for. It’s what truly keeps me motivated every day!

As I look back on our first 14 years in the business and look toward the next 14 years, it is my ambition that ISN becomes one of the largest investigative firms in North America with offices and assets around the globe. As our footprint in Canada and the United States continues to expand, we already have our eye on places like London and Stockholm!

Håll dig uppdaterad! (Stay tuned!)



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