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Experience and Commitment to Excellence Drive the Success of Investigative Solutions Network

Dave Perry is no stranger to the world of investigations, a strength that has guided the firm, of which he is CEO, to be among the best of its type in North America. It also makes him a sought-after crime and security commentator.

Perry founded Investigative Solutions Network (ISN), based in Pickering, Ontario, in 2006, following a 28-year career as a decorated investigator with the Toronto Police Service. In that role, he often provided commentary and context to the media, a relationship that has grown into his current position as Crime and Security Analyst for Global News.

“In my policing career, I investigated many high-profile cases and violent crimes, so I guess I got my roots in dealing with the media from that. When I retired from policing and opened ISN, I was quite surprised the calls from the media didn’t really slow down … the one thing that I enjoy in my private life is that I can comment more freely, whereas in policing you are guided by policies and regulations. My colleagues in the media enjoy having that frank conversation.”

Now one of North America’s premier private security and investigative firms, ISN deploys the talents of a skilled team of investigators with backgrounds in business, finance, policing, and corporate security. They pride themselves on analytical thinking, a standard of excellence, and providing innovative solutions.

“Once we assess our client’s needs, we carefully align them with our most qualified expert to ensure the best results. Our commitment to our clients is the key to our success.”

CEO Perry is Passionate About the Investigative Field

Bringing a combined 42 years of experience to the table, Perry continues to look for new opportunities for ISN, with a recent focus being on organic growth and expansion through acquisitions. He describes himself as being passionate about policing, and especially the investigative field.

Part of that passion and experience is helping business understand current and future risks, including the perils of ignoring cultural changes as embodied in movements like ‘Me Too.’ This year and beyond will bring significant change to workplaces, and if businesses can’t or won’t respond, trouble may not be too far down the road.

“The ‘Me Too’ movement is a very honourable and appropriate development that has caused corporations and governments to revisit their policies about appropriate behaviour in the workplace … change will be informed by the fact that people are even more aware of their rights to work in a safe environment.”

Utilizing the best people and methods to achieve results, ISN has five pillars: Investigations, Security, Threat Assessment & Risk Management, Training and Background Screening. Clients are provided with a single point of contact for all their needs. The company’s success, says Perry, is rooted in its ability to “transition the unique skills learned as a police investigator into the private sector.”

Contact ISN for more information on how its team can address your company’s investigative needs.



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