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Finding the Right Attributes is a Key Factor When Employing Security Guard Services

How can you be secure that you have made the right choice when it comes to retaining security guard services? Looking for the right attributes in a guard is a good place to start.

For instance, do they demonstrate alertness, honesty and good psychical conditioning? Are they effective communicators, tuned to the needs of a client? Most importantly, are they trained and licensed for the job?

“Hiring guards who are properly trained is vital to your business’s welfare. Otherwise, you run the risk of guards who are ill-prepared to handle emergency situations or manage even routine tasks. Ask what type of training the company provides and whether it meets or exceeds (mandated) requirements. If the latter, ask in what ways and be specific,” writes Paul Chaney for Small Business Trends.

Asking for client references and using the Internet to search up a company’s reputation also helps you to secure the best service for your security needs.

Additional attributes include punctuality, the ability to multi-task, a well-groomed appearance (with or without uniforms), and the ability to de-escalate tense situations.

“Thanks to one too many over-the-top Hollywood portrayals, it’s easy to think that security guard skills include being able to taser someone from half a mile away. However, the real mark of talent when it comes to being a security guard is someone who looks to physical force and a use of weapons as the last possible resort,” explains the El Dorado Insurance Agency in a post.

“Think about asking potential guards (or the firms that employ them) you interview what they have found to be successful de-escalation tactics in their work experience. Remember that you want to do everything possible to avoid violence—especially if the use of unnecessary force could carry hefty fines and damage to your company’s reputation.”

Security Guards Required to Pass Training and Testing Before Applying for a License

In Ontario, the Ministry of Community Safety & Correctional Services licenses and regulates the private security and investigative services industry, including security guards. When employing the services of a security firm, make sure their guards have this basic training. All new security guards and private investigators are required to pass a basic training course and a basic ministry test before applying for a license.

Topics covered in the security guard course include an introduction to the security industry, report writing, health and safety, emergency response preparation, the Canadian legal system, legal authorities, effective communications, sensitivity training, use of force theory, and emergency level first-aid certification.

Investigative Solutions Network, one of North America’s premier private security and investigative services firms, provides elite security guard services focused on the needs of its clients. All our guards are licensed by the ministry and are chosen for their commitment to providing exceptional customer service.

ISN is dedicated to ensuring the protection of our client’s assets and mitigating the risk to its property and personnel. We understand the impact security concerns have on your business and can provide you with the best preventative and reactive security response in the industry.

Looking to employ security guard services? Contact us today for more information.



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