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Experience and Expertise of ISN’s Private Investigators Unmatched in the Industry

Obtaining the services of a private investigator is a step most people don’t consider, until they do. Of course, coming to that conclusion might just be the easy part. Once the decision is made to hire a private investigator (PI), how do you go about finding the right investigator for the job?

The reasons for hiring a private investigator are varied, from corporate investigations to criminal and civil matters. One size does not fit all, and finding that right fit requires thinking about questions and getting answers. Right off the bat, people looking for the services of a private investigator should find out if they are licensed and insured.

“Not everyone out there claiming to be a ‘private investigator or PI’ are actually licensed to do so. It’s important to find a well-established private investigator that is fully licensed to conduct private investigation services in your area,” writes Alexander Saavedra.

Private Investigators: You Get What You Pay For

Checking credentials should be one of the first steps, with another being a determination that the investigator specializes in your particular situation.

“Determine if the private investigator has conducted a similar investigation before and if so, what was their experience. Checking out their website or social media page should indicate their various areas of expertise. Another option is to ask them for references or case examples similar to yours. A brief conversation with the PI should help you determine if the job is a good fit for them. That way, you can rest assured that the investigator will deliver the best results for your need.”

Other considerations include cost and comfort level, as well who will be handling the case.

“Professional investigative firms are rarely one-person shows. In order to provide a high level of service, agencies utilize a team of individuals, each with specific backgrounds, licensing, and skills in order to handle your case in the best way possible,” writes Darrin Giglio, adding: “Determine if they have any personal strengths that may help in your circumstances and make sure that they exercise sound ethics and practices.”

The Ministry of Community Safety & Correctional Services, which licenses and regulates the industry in Ontario, publishes some rules and regulations for private investigators that are useful to those looking for PIs, including basics such as having a “thorough knowledge of research techniques, surveillance techniques, and interviewing techniques.”

Find a Private Investigator with the Right Experience

The team at Investigative Solutions network (ISN) comprises of an elite squad with hundreds of years of combined experience encompassing exemplary policing careers, senior corporate security executives and business leaders. Investigators tackle a variety of cases, including corporate, criminal, civil, insurance, surveillance, financial crimes, workplace, and open-source intelligence investigations.

ISN Investigators are specifically recruited based on demonstrated investigative abilities, consistent professionalism, and a history of personal and professional success.

Are you looking for a private investigator? Contact us now for more details.



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