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Investigative Solutions Network Targets Fraud that Costs Billions a Year

Insurance fraud is not a victimless crime, despite what perpetrators might claim. Every year in North American alone, such crimes cost insurance companies and policy holders billions of dollars.

One investigation into insurance fraud involves the Saskatchewan Government Insurance agency circulating photos of fraudulent hail damage to auto body shops to try and catch “fraudsters trying to take advantage of damaging weather.”

“We are committed to investigate any suspicious claims. Our employees and partners are experts in the field and know what to look for,” SGI spokesperson Marie Schultz is quoted saying.

And according to the Financial Services Commission of Ontario, auto insurance “fraud costs all drivers in higher auto insurance premiums. Not only that, but it is an offence under the federal Criminal Code for anyone, by deceit, falsehood, or other dishonest act, to defraud or to attempt to defraud an insurance company.”

A report in Atlas Magazine confirms fraud is taken seriously by insurers. Almost 54 per cent of insurers say they see fraud as the top threat.

“It affects all insurance companies and all classes of business, compelling customers to bear its consequences in terms of the costs incurred while insurers have to endure the damage sustained by their image and reputation,” the report states.

Expertise Makes a Difference When it Comes to Investigating Insurance Fraud

Expertise in this area makes a difference, one that will get results for clients. Investigative Solutions Network has certified fraud investigators and surveillance teams to bring insurance investigations to a satisfactory conclusion for clients. ISN is also an RCMP–accredited background screening agency.

ISN meets the expectations of clients by utilizing a highly trained team of investigators with a level of experience and expertise unparalleled in the private investigation industry. ISN’s investigation team has extensive experience in opportunistic and premeditated insurance fraud and health/benefits fraud cases. Core competencies for this type of work include:

Deployment of specialized fraud investigators with a unique blend of skill sets including investigative techniques, document analysis and advanced interviewing skillsThe ability to leverage law enforcement resources as neededThe use of strong data analyticsThe practice of intelligence led surveillance.

ISN provides national and international coverage in life and health investigations, accident benefits investigations, property claim investigations, premeditated and opportunistic insurance fraud.

To learn how an insurance investigator can help you, contact us for more information. You can also find out more about the ISN Insurance Investigation team here.



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