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ISN Maskwa: Canada’s First Indigenous Emergency Operations Center

By Ernie Louttit, Emergency Planning and Community Engagement Coordinator, ISN Maskwa

ISN Maskwa
ISN Maskwa

A new resource has been added to the emergency operations capacity in Ontario specifically to assist Indigenous leadership in leading their own response for their communities in the event of an emergency situation.

ISN Maskwa, an Indigenous company owned by Missanabie Cree First Nation incorporated in November of 2020, has created Canada’s first operational Indigenous Emergency Operations Centre (IEOC) which is based in Sault Ste. Marie. The IEOC has been operating 24/7 since April 2022.

One of the primary missions of ISN Maskwa is to assist Indigenous communities in building trained teams of leaders and community support personnel to support an Indigenous-led response during evacuations or community emergencies.

Read the full story in the OACP's HQ Magazine and visit ISN Maskwa to learn more.



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