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Toronto, ON

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Gil Hughes

Senior Investigator

Gil Hughes is a retired police investigator. During his career at the Durham Regional Police Service, he held investigative positions including Drug Enforcement, Criminal Investigation Branch, Community Response Unit, Major Crime Unit (Robbery/Hold Up, Homicide and Fraud), Professional Standards Unit and Major Crime Unit (Sexual Assault & Child Abuse). Gil is a strategic thinker with strong communication skills and the possesses the necessary focus to ensure success.

Gil graduated from Carleton University and Dalhousie University and has taught three years in the Durham College Police Foundations program. He possesses experience in investigative techniques, including but not limited to; criminal case reviews and root cause analysis, interviewing techniques, report writing and strategic recommendations. Moreover, Gil has training and experience that are relevant to harassment and violence in the work place, including the trauma-informed approach. His skillset has been relevant Canadian Human Rights Act, the Privacy Act, The Workplace Harassment and Violence Prevention Regulations, and the RCMP’s WPH & VP policy. Gil has performed financial, corporate and mortgage fraud investigations, workplace fraud, sexual assault allegations and criminal case reviews.

Gil has received training in specialized training in Harassment and Violence Prevention for Designated Recipients, Managers and Committees. Gil Has received commendations and awards. One such award was the Bruce MacPhailDalhousie University Academic Excellence Achievement recipient. He has also been the recipient of the House of Commons Certificate of Bravery, The Durham Region Crown Attorney commendation for investigative excellence and the American Society of Industrial Security for robbery investigation.

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