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Areas of Expertise
  • Crime scene processing and the collection of physical evidence

  • Fingerprint, footwear and physical match identification

  • Forensic Video Analysis


Toronto, ON

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Jean Roch

Business Development Consultant

Jean Roch began working for ISN in December 2022, and he brings with him 30 plus years experience in law enforcement. At the young age of 18, Jean began his law enforcement journey working security. He soon moved on to work at Canada Customs as a customs inspector. Jean enjoyed working 3 years at the port of Emerson, the largest land border crossing in Manitoba. In 1995, Jean joined the Winnipeg Police Service where he enjoyed 25 years working in various areas which included: general patrol, the domestic violence unit, plain clothes investigations, the forensic identification section, the forensic imaging section, and the police academy.

Jean is extremely motivated, has a strong work ethic and possesses an acute attention for detail. These traits led to him being encouraged to pursue forensics where he excelled for 14 years of his career.

His acquired skills conducting comparisons of fingerprints, footwear impressions and physical evidence transferred easily to forensic imaging where Jean positively identified suspects by comparing their clothing, weapons, objects and vehicles to crime scene video.

Jean is proud to be one of the few Canadian forensic video analysts to become certified by the Law Enforcement and Emergency Services Video Association.

While involved in collecting physical evidence and crime scene video for numerous homicide investigations, Jean has become highly skilled at providing courtroom testimony as a subject matter expert.

Jean is dedicated to contributing to the community. For seven years, he co-managed the Winnipeg chapter of Iron-Cops, a non-profit organization that raises money on behalf of the Canadian Cancer Society. For ten years, he also occupied the role of Assistant Race Director for the Winnipeg Police Service Half Marathon. All money raised from this very popular event is donated to the Canadian Cancer Society. Jean was a recipient of the Don Gove award for his contribution to the WPS Half Marathon.

Jean looks forward to doing all he can to meet the needs of his clients.

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