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Areas of Expertise
  • Intelligence Analysis

  • Undercover Operations

  • Child Sexual Exploitation Investigations


Toronto, ON

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Jeff Degen

Business Development Consultant and Senior Investigator

Jeff Degen is an Investigator and Intelligence Analyst with Investigative Solutions Network Inc. He brings a distinguished 30-year career with the Ontario Provincial Police (O.P.P.). His extensive background includes roles as a Detective, Criminal Intelligence Analyst, Covert Internet Investigative Liaison, and Intelligence Officer, where he contributed significantly to the O.P.P.'s intelligence capabilities. Jeff's expertise spans Major Crime Investigations, Undercover Operations, and specialized subject matter related to Child Sexual Exploitation.

Throughout his career, Jeff demonstrated a commitment to public safety, earning recognition nationally and internationally for his work in protecting society's most vulnerable members. His analytical skills encompass investigative techniques, analytical methodologies, case management, and tactical and strategic methods, allowing him to organize, clarify, and simplify complex intelligence data. Jeff's proficiency in conducting covert online investigations and utilizing open-source intelligence (OSINT) techniques further enhances his capabilities.

Jeff's dedication to professional development is evident through his numerous course certifications, covering Major Crime Investigative Techniques, Cybercrime Investigation, and Advanced Intelligence Analysis. His commitment to continuous learning is exemplified by his role as an instructor for the Advanced Internet Child Exploitation Course at the Canadian Police College.

As a qualified and experienced law enforcement professional, Jeff Degen's legacy is marked by his unwavering commitment to excellence, leadership in complex investigations, and ongoing dedication to advancing his skills. His contributions to law enforcement have left a lasting impact on the pursuit of justice and the safety of communities.

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