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Violence/Threat Risk Assessments

Violence/Threat Risk Assessments

Comprehensive Personal Security

ISN’s Threat Risk Assessment (TRA) team utilizes formalized risk assessment measures and tools to evaluate the risk of targeted violence towards an individual or a group of individuals. ISN’s team provides systematic assessments and evaluations of potential threats, risks, or dangers that an individual may face within a specific context or environment.

This analysis aims to identify and analyze factors that may pose a threat to the safety, security, or well-being of the individual, considering various potential risks such as physical harm, emotional distress, privacy breaches, or reputational damage. ISN’s comprehensive threat risk analysis allows our clients to develop tailored risk management strategies and protective measures to mitigate potential threats and ensure an individual's overall safety and security.

Proactive Mitigation Strategies

Prevention is the cornerstone of personal security. Our seasoned experts not only identify potential threats but also develop proactive mitigation strategies across a breadth of potentially harmful situations.

  • General Violence: where the subject has a high likelihood of suffering from a mental disorder in the form of major mental disorder, personality disorder or substance abuse disorder.

  • Workplace/Adult Campus Violence: where the subject may pose a risk to commit an act of violence in relation to a workplace or adult school campus. This may include the risk to an individual or group of individuals.

  • Stalking/Criminal Harassment: where a subject may engage in stalking/criminal harassment behaviours including intimate stalking, acquaintance stalking, public figure stalking or private stranger stalking. This may also include forms of cyberstalking.

  • School Violence: Assessing and managing the risk for violence that may be posed by a student in a K-12 school environment.

  • Domestic/Intimate Partner Violence: where the subject may pose to commit an act of violence in relation to a current or former intimate partner and may include risk to relatives and workplace environments.

ISN’s TRA services empower you with a roadmap to enhance an individual’s or group’s personal security and mitigate potential risks before they materialize.

Confidentiality and Personalized Approach

Respecting your privacy and individual circumstances is at the core of our services. Our TRA’s are conducted with the highest level of confidentiality, ensuring that the information gathered is handled with the utmost discretion. Each assessment is personalized to your unique situation, recognizing that individual threats vary, and security solutions must be tailored accordingly.

Take control of personal security and well-being now, because proactive measures today ensure peace of mind tomorrow.

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