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The ISN investigative training team is comprised of the most respected and decorated former police investigators in the country. Some of the most heinous crimes in the country have been investigated and brought to a successful conclusion by members of ISN’s investigative training team. They have been called upon to deliver investigative skills training programs to police officers and major organizations around the world. The members of the ISN team are also experienced educators who have taught at police colleges, corporations, government agencies, colleges and universities.

Subjects include, but are not limited to the following modules:

  • Homicide and Death Investigations

  • Sexual Assault Investigations

  • The Law: The Charter, Criminal Code, Drug Laws, and Provincial Statutes

  • Crime Scene Management

  • Crime Scene Evidence and Forensics

  • The Law of Search and Search Methods

  • Abducted and Missing Persons

  • The Law: The Charter, Criminal Code, Drug Laws, and Provincial Statutes

  • Note Taking

  • Case Preparation

  • Evidence and Court Presentation

  • Conducting Briefings and De-Briefings

  • Major Case Structure and Management

  • Crisis Communication

  • Working Effectively with other Agencies

  • Gathering Open Source Information

  • Computer Crime and Evidence Gathering

  • The Computer as an Investigative Aid

  • Computer Forensics

  • Workplace Harassment

Workshops and Keynote Speeches


Police organizations and major corporations frequently call upon the subject matter experts at ISN to deliver dynamic presentations and keynotes on a wide variety of subjects including investigative techniques and crisis management. These presentations are interactive and tailored to the needs of the organization. Our training team can work with you to design a workshop or presentation to suit your needs.

If you are interested in attending, please view our upcoming course calendar and register now!

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