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At ISN, we offer a variety of training courses, which are informative, interactive and relevant. We’re pleased to offer our clients the ability to customize their training programs to suit their needs and timetable. Many courses can be delivered individually or combined with other topics to create a uniquely tailored training solution for your organization.

As subject matter experts in their field, each ISN instructor brings a unique skill set and wealth of knowledge to the ISN Training team. In addition, they all have many years of experience as educators and bring a passion for teaching and an understanding of the learning process to their presentations.

Investigative Interview Training:

Based on ISN’s Investigative Interviewing System, these courses are designed for both corporate and police investigators.

Investigative Skills Training:

Taught by decorated former police investigators. Choose from a wide variety of topics to enhance your investigative skills.

Active Attacker Preparedness and Response Course:

Ensure your organization is prepared in the event of an internal or external threat.

Customized Courses:

We work closely with our in-house risk management experts to identify security gaps, and then design customized training programs for our clients.

Workshops & Keynote Speeches: In demand by private and public agencies worldwide, contact us for availability and topics.


ISN also offers a number of public training sessions and workshops throughout the year. If you are interested in attending, please view our Upcoming Courses page and register now!

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