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ISN takes a pro-active approach to loss prevention in order to help our clients reduce preventable losses. Typically referred to in relation to retail locations, loss or ‘shrinkage’ can occur in any business environment. Deliberate actions such as theft, fraud, or misconduct and failure to follow established policies or procedures can have a devastating effect on profitability and the ability to maintain a competitive edge.

ISN’s loss prevention experts work with our clients to conduct a security gap analysis and implement solutions that are targeted and effective. Our multi-disciplined approach brings together ISN’s experts in physical security, security systems and surveillance techniques to design a solution tailored for your unique environment.  We work with you to establish a robust, comprehensive program to meet your needs.

Our loss prevention services include:

  • Uniform security guards

  • Installation of covert and/or overt camera systems

  • Security Audits and Threat/Risk assessments

  • Access control systems

  • Policy review

Speak to ISN’s Loss Prevention experts today.

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