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Crave Documentary ‘Thunder Bay’ Takes on Struggles Faced by the Indigenous Community

The new Crave documentary, ‘Thunder Bay’, is a four-part investigative providing a gripping account of the challenges that Indigenous communities face in Thunder Bay and how they are working towards finding solutions and advocating for justice. It also features the ongoing work that Investigative Solutions Network (ISN) has done to support the community.

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The documentary follows ISN’s Founding Chairman and private investigator, Dave Perry, and the Rainy River First Nation in their quest to uncover truths and shine a light on the dark underbelly of systemic racism targeting the Indigenous community in Thunder Bay, a city gaining increasing notoriety for being the hate crime capital of Canada. The film was produced by Anishinaabe journalist and award-winning writer, Ryan McMahon, who is both an advocate and an activist for Indigenous communities. Through his work, Perry hopes to expose injustices characterized by the continued struggles between Indigenous communities and police services.

Shocking Discoveries Prompt ISN Private Investigators to Be Involved

In 2015, Perry was hired by the Rainy River First Nation to investigate the sudden death of an Indigenous person, which was under review and the subject of a Coroner's inquest reviewing similar deaths over the years of Indigenous youth in Thunder Bay. Within days, Perry discovered that the police investigation was shockingly substandard, a he felt compelled to do everything he could to support the Rainy River First Nation. Over the next seven years, Perry and the families of the victims worked tirelessly to find answers and support for the community.

Perry’s view was forever altered, and it drove him to act in concert with Indigenous leaders. Perry recalls, “My experience in Thunder Bay was life changing and is what inspired me to partner with Missanabie Cree First Nation to establish ISN Maskwa, an Indigenous-led private security and investigative services firm providing community support.” Perry now dedicates a significant amount of his time to working with and walking with Indigenous Peoples in their quest for reconciliation, including Residential School Investigations and other Missing and Murdered Indigenous Peoples.

‘Thunder Bay’ exposes the ongoing discrimination that Indigenous people in the city continue to endure, including inadequate investigations into sudden deaths, and a lack of support from police services which border on neglect or even possibly the spectre of complicity. The documentary is a powerful testament to the perseverance and resilience of Indigenous communities and their fight for justice.

Perry's experiences have opened his eyes to the continued injustices experienced by Indigenous communities, and he hopes that this documentary will do the same for anyone who watches it. The work that ISN has done to support Indigenous communities has been the most rewarding to date, and Perry is honored to be a part of this documentary and the journey towards reconciliation.

Thunder Bay Premieres February 17 on Crave

‘Thunder Bay’ is a must-watch for anyone who wants to understand the challenges faced by Indigenous communities in Thunder Bay and the work that is being done to support them. The documentary serves a powerful reminder of the resilience and determination of Indigenous communities and the importance of advocating for justice and reconciliation. Perry hopes that this documentary will inspire others to join the fight for justice for Indigenous communities and to work towards creating a better future for all. The Crave Original docuseries kicks off on February 17 in both English and French. You won’t want to miss it!



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