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Look for Skills and Experience in Professional Security Guard Services

You see them in malls and office buildings, museums and art galleries, banks and hospitals, and a slew of other locations. They are so ubiquitous, they tend to wind their way into the fabric of modern daily life.

Yet, when security guard services are required, these professionals quickly make their presence known, protecting personnel and property. With the right training, they are valuable assets to have around.

Perhaps one of the more inspiring success stories involving security guard services is the tale of Rick Rescorla, a Vietnam War veteran who, in the late 80s, became a Security Guard Director at the World Trade Center in New York City. While there he wrote a report warning about the potential for a terrorist attack. The report was ignored and, “frustrated by others’ ignorance,” writes Zackery Kendall for The Mission Podcasts, “Rick would eventually go on to create a very specific type of evacuation plan for Morgan Stanley in the south tower of the World Trade Center and force employees to practice it over and over.”

That plan, he continues, helped to save the lives of 2,687 people.

When seeking security guard services, it’s important to consider skills and qualifications. As of May this year, according to the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services, in Ontario there are 74,399 licensed security guards, 2,211 licensed private investigators, 2,167 dual licensees, 776 licensed business entities and 5,134 registered employers.

The Ministry regulates Ontario’s private security industry, aiming “to ensure security guards and private investigators in Ontario carry out their work professionally, effectively, safely and lawfully.”

Clearly, that number calls for some type of qualification review. Are they, for instance, licensed by the Ministry? Can they provide comprehensive and customized solutions designed to fit a client’s unique needs? Are they connected to a network of experts for related matters, including personal security, security of property, security systems and cameras, and immigration detention services?

Experience Makes the Difference in Security Services

The team of security experts at Investigative Solutions Network bring with them years of experience in law enforcement and corporate security. Their mission “is to understand our clients and their security needs, in order to maximize every aspect of their security requirements.”

Security services include guards, loss prevention, close protection services, security systems, CCTV, and immigration detention services. ISN is the “first and only company sanctioned by the CBSA to provide in-home detention monitoring services for incarcerated persons.”

Writing for Chron, Dr. Mary Dowd sums up the importance of professional security services, and the role guards play. “Although the security officer job description varies, depending on the specific work setting, security guard duties focus primarily on preventing crime. A vigilant security force deters criminals who are intent on committing theft, vandalism, sabotage, cyber-attacks, physical violence or terrorism,” she writes.

For more information on ISN’s loss prevention and security guard services in Canada, call us at 905-421-0046 or contact us now.



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