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ISN offers a wide variety of pre-employment screening options based on our client’s requirements. Conducting pre-employment screening on job applicants is extremely important in order to identify the most qualified and motivated candidate. By verifying past employment history, completing detailed reference checks and social networking reports, ISN is able to mitigate risk during the hiring process. This will help to ensure our clients choose the right candidate, lowering the cost of hiring and reducing the risk of liability.

To better serve our clients, ISN uses its own online portal system when processing pre-employment screening requests. Our system allows our background screening analysts to provide efficient, comprehensive and confidential background checks. The benefit to our clients is the ease of electronically submitted requests as well as the ability to check the status of a report and view the results online.

ISN specializes in the following pre-employment screening methods:

  • Education and Employment Verifications

  • Employment Reference Reports

  • Social Network Reports

  • Credit Checks

  • International Criminal Background Checks

For more information on our pre-employment screening services, please contact us today.

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