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A reflection: Celebrating 15 years

If anybody were to ever tell you that building and maintaining your own business is easy, they would be wrong. The past fifteen years have presented challenges that I couldn’t have imagined, coming from the policing world. But like the policing world, the thing that gets you through difficult times are the people that you surround yourself with.

For me, the greatest asset of our business is the people who we work with every day. Our client base, reputation, and the network we have built together is my biggest success! I am proud and grateful to be associated with such an amazing group of professionals. Our team consists of the most competent, passionate, skilled, and professional people in the business; retired members from senior leadership positions in policing, criminal profilers, financial crime experts, and surveillance experts, to name a few. And, we have the best operational support team I could ask for. It’s what truly keeps me motivated every day!

Dave Perry ISN CEO
ISN CEO Dave Perry reflects on fifteen years of success

The only limitation to the scope and size of an investigative company is your willingness to dream, think outside the box, and come up with ethical solutions that make you stand out from the crowd. Our growth over the past 15 years is attributed to our commitment of following our core values and staying true to our brand—and our name—in all that we do. Having built one of North America’s largest and most successful firms, I feel like our work has only just begun. We have expanded into the United States, providing services internationally for global companies.

But the work that I am most proud of and focused on is our Indigenous engagement initiatives highlighted through ISN Maskwa in partnership with Missanabie Cree First Nation. As I look back on our first 15 years in the business and look toward the next 15 years, it is my vision that ISN continue working with Indigenous communities to help them become self-reliant for all security and investigative requirements. Stay tuned for some exciting updates!



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