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Avoid the High Cost of a Poor Hire with ISN’s Pre-Employment Screening Services

It seems like the perfect fit. The job interview went extremely well and the candidate’s experience and background appear to be an exceptional fit for the position.

But what if first impressions lead to hasty decisions, like hiring the wrong person? That possibility can be mitigated by going through a pre-employment screening service process that identifies the most qualified and motivated candidate.

There are a number of reasons for conducting a pre-employment screening process, including lower employee turnover due to unfulfilled expectations, turmoil in the workplace, getting the right interview questions in place, and saving time and money by only interviewing the most qualified candidates.

Additional reasons for checking a prospective employee’s background include education and employment verifications, employment reference reports, social network reports, credit checks, and international criminal background checks. The latter is an obvious one to check, writes Michael Klazema at

“Most employers run background checks on their workers or applicants because they want to know if those people have anything dark in their pasts,” he writes.

“Criminal activity isn’t always relevant to the hiring process. For instance, if an applicant has a single drug charge that is 30 years old, that shouldn’t have much impact on whether or not you hire them. However, other charges can absolutely impact how well an applicant fits a job.”

Employers, writes Alison Doyle for The Balance Career, also conduct pre-employment screens because they want, and need, to know if candidates are telling the truth.

“It’s estimated that up over 40 per cent of resumes can contain false or tweaked information, so employers want to ensure that what they are getting in an employee is what they were promised.

“These checks can also be used to protect employers from liability issues — if employees behave poorly, employers can sometimes be held responsible for negligence, or failing to do the research required.”

Pre-employment Screening Reduces Risk and Liability

Investigative Solutions Network (ISN) has a range of services available to meet a client’s pre-employment screening needs. Our process mitigates employment risk and liability, ensuring clients get the right candidate for the job.

ISN has its own online portal system when processing pre-employment screening requests, allowing our background screening analysts to provide efficient, comprehensive and confidential background checks. The benefit to our clients is the ease of electronically submitted requests as well as the ability to check the status of a report and view the results online.

The process includes verifying past employment history, completing detailed reference checks and social networking reports.

Contact us today for more information on pre-employment screening services.



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