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Ensuring the Right Candidate is Hired for the Job is Part of the Hiring Process, Including Pre-Emplo

A bad hire can cause a range of problems, from damaged workplace morale to lost productivity. Employing someone with an undisclosed criminal record background can be even more problematic, an outcome that could be avoided through a criminal record background check.

Any hire can be a hit-or-miss proposition, but pre-employment screening, including a criminal record background check, reduces the risk. A look at any previous criminality is especially important for jobs involving financial crimes such as fraud, theft and embezzlement.

“The primary reason most employers run pre-employment background checks is to flag any criminal convictions in an applicant’s past. Sometimes, these criminal charges posit someone as dangerous, unreliable, untrustworthy, or otherwise not suitable for hiring. Other times, the charges are minor, out of date, or irrelevant to the job at hand. Either way, an employer deserves to have this information in order to make an educated hiring decision,” writes Michael Klazema on LinkedIn.

Reviews will also pick up any hint of violent behaviour.

“Your employees want to feel safe on the job. Employee background checks and other pre-employment screening tools can help weed out applicants with a violent past, decreasing the threat of a violent incident in the workplace,” writes Tim Hardy on Monster, adding that pre-employment screening “prevents resume fraud by verifying the applicants’ previous education and employment history. Additionally, pre-employment screening can identify prospective employees with a history of theft or embezzlement and eliminate them from the hiring process.”

Bringing the wrong person into the fold can ultimately hurt business reputation while hiring the right person for the job leads the way to success, profit growth and brand awareness.

Turning to the right source for a background review is an important as realizing one is needed. Look for experts who offer a variety of screening options, including criminal record checks, designed to meet client needs.

Criminal Record Checks Require the Talents of Professional Investigators

Investigative Solutions Network is an RCMP–accredited background screening agency authorized to conduct international criminal record checks. A standard name and date of birth check can be performed online through our portal site or clients can attend one of us convenient locations across Canada to obtain a biometric fingerprint comparison which includes a certified report from the relative country.

Contact us today for more information on criminal record checks.



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