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Conduct a Criminal Record Check to Keep Your Business Out of Harm’s Way

The references checked out and the skills and talents lined up nicely for the job dealing with the company’s books. One thing though; the hiring panel failed to do a criminal record check, and that negligence landed the company in hot water.

Not completing a criminal record check can do more than land a company in hot water, though. It can lead to risks including legal jeopardy, damage to reputation and assets, and missed opportunities. Checking a candidate’s background for criminality reduces the risk of bringing a problem employee into the workplace.

So, it’s very important that criminal record checks be conducted, especially for jobs involving a company’s reputation and finances. Such reviews can also unearth a background of violence that can put other employees in danger. And it’s part of an employer’s job to provide a safe working environment for employees.

“There are chances that you’ll conduct interviews of applicants that are dangerous. From sex offenders to violent criminals, you just cannot take a risk of hiring them,” writes Samantha Acuna for The Self Employed.

“But what if you do not run a background check and hire a violent criminal or sexual predator? It will compromise your workplace safety. Every employer knows that workplace safety is one of the top concerns and if it is compromised then there are chances that you will be held accountable for it.”

Top Reasons for Criminal Record Checks Include Reputation and Culture

Top reasons for conducting criminal record checks include protecting a company’s reputation, attracting and retaining the right talent, protecting data and assets, maintaining a safe and secure workplace, and enhancing corporate culture.

Employers should also stay current on recent legislation related to background checks.

Investigative Solutions Network offers a range of pre-employment screening, including international criminal background checks.

ISN uses its own online portal system when processing pre-employment screening requests. Our system allows our background screening analysts to provide efficient, comprehensive and confidential background checks. The benefit to our clients is the ease of electronically submitted requests as well as the ability to check the status of a report and view the results online.”

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