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Fingerprinting Services are the Most Effective Method for Checking Past Criminality in Job Candidate

To be forewarned is to be forearmed, and that sage advice is particularly relevant to the hiring of new employees, especially if they will be working in sensitive positions.

According to Commissionaires, a Canadian not-for-profit security agency, reasons for having fingerprints taken include security license, international adoption applications, citizenship applications, passports and visas, and employment as “many corporations and agencies require both employees and volunteers to be fingerprinted.”

Additional reasons for fingerprinting prospective employees include position requirements and meeting industry standards, writes Allie Kuester, who reiterates the importance of ensuring a candidate does not have a criminal record.

“Fingerprints are the most accurate way to ensure a person’s identify and criminal record. While you can always change the name you go by, you can’t change your fingerprints, and so any records associated with those fingerprints will always be there. Even if a position does not legally require someone with a clean criminal record, some employers prefer candidates that don’t have certain types of crimes on their records.”

Be Aware of Screening Requirements for Government Contractors

Employers should also know about changes to security screening for all government contractors. To keep federal government employees and contractors accountable, the selection process now includes submitting digital fingerprint scans for security clearance, explains this post.

When seeking the services of a fingerprinting agency, be sure to determine that it is certified by the Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services (CCRTIS) to electronically submit fingerprints and supporting data, through the Real Time Identification (RTID) system, for civil screening purposes.

“The RCMP’s Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services (CCRTIS) maintains the National Repository of Criminal Records. Information in this database includes biographic information, charges, and dispositions, supported by fingerprints taken in accordance with the Identification of Criminals Act (ICA),” states the RCMP.

At Investigative Solutions Network (ISN), specially trained fingerprinting analysts use the latest digital technology to ensure high quality fingerprinting services.

The results of the fingerprint report are sent directly from the RCMP’s processing centre to the individual or, if specified, to a third-party organization. Depending on the type of fingerprinting application, the RCMP’s processing time can take between 3 – 120 business days.

ISN also offers mobile fingerprinting services, ideal for large institutions that require fingerprints for multiple employees. For more information, contact us today.



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