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After an extensive career in law enforcement and as a contract Criminal Profiler with ISN, Kate Lines official joined the ISN team in 2015 as a Principle Investigator and Executive Trainer. Kate specializes in corporate internal investigations such as workplace harassment, violence in the workplace, and human rights investigation.


Kate was a member of the Ontario Provincial Police for over 33 years and retired at the rank of Chief Superintendent. She oversaw the OPP’s Investigation and Support Bureau with over 500 uniform and civilian employees working on major criminal investigations across Ontario. Throughout Kate’s career she worked as a police officer on uniform patrol, undercover drug investigations, fraud investigations, intelligence and major crimes such as homicide and sexual assault. In 1990, she was trained by the FBI to become Canada’s first female criminal profiler. Kate went on to be voted Canadian Police Leader of the Year in 2004.

Kate continues to teach an online criminal profiling course and is also the volunteer board chair of the national non-profit, Victim Justice Network. In June of 2016, Kate received an Honorary Doctor of Laws degree from the University of Ontario Institute of Technology for her career as pioneer of women in policing and her leadership in criminal profiling. Kate has written a national best-selling book called Crime Seen: From Patrol Cop to Profiler – My Stores From Behind The Yellow Tape.

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