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Neil Orr joined ISN in 2012 as a Senior Investigator, and more recently became an Executive Trainer. Working with our corporate clients, Neil tailors ISN’s Investigative Interviewing course to fit their needs. Neil is still one of ISN’s top investigators, however his main focus is sharing his wealth of knowledge through teaching others.


Neil Orr joined ISN in 2012 after retiring from York Regional Police with 28 years of service, which includes 3 years with the Ontario Provincial Police. His career included assignments in Criminal Investigations, Child Abuse, Training and Education and Forensics. Neil has had a major role in investigations from the most sensitive to those of the most heinous and highest profile.

Neil spent 15 years on the executive of the police association, where he acted on behalf of members involved in disciplinary issues, as well as negotiating 4 collective bargaining agreements. He also was a member of the Critical Incident Stress Team and has responded to New York City to assist members of NYPD is the wake of the terrorist attacks of 911.


With his extensive knowledge of investigative interviewing techniques, Neil is committed to the development and dynamic delivery of training material that meets our client’s individual needs.

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